• Trustable Technology Mark: What we learned in year 1

    Within the ThingsCon network, and with the generous support of the Mozilla Foundation, we developed and launched the Trustable Technology Mark, a trustmark for connected products. Why do we need a trustmark for the Internet of Things (IoT)? Most connected products (IoT for short) are essentially black boxes: As consumers we don’t really know what’s […]


  • Note: Temporarily pausing Trustmark reviews while we improve internal processes

    Just a quick note: We’ll be temporarily pausing reviews while setting up more robust review structures and processes, as well as improved governance structures. This is a good sign: It’s time to ramp up our review capacity, and to iteratively improve our workflows based on a few months of learning. In the meantime, the application […]


  • Continuing the Quest for More Trustable Tech

    Please note that this is cross-posted from Medium. Six years ago, the ThingsCon community set out on a mission: to help create a human-centric & responsible IoT. An important part of this mission was to create a reliable, simple way for consumers to determine whether a connected device meets their privacy and security needs. Why? […]


  • Introducing the Trustable Technology Mark: A Better Way to Evaluate IoT Products

    Note: This blog post is cross-posted from Medium. A new tool by ThingsCon in Berlin will help consumers identify which devices truly respect their privacy and security starting 6 December 2018. Every day, millions of consumers rely on trustmarks to make informed purchases. These simple icons convey critical information, like whether or not food is […]


  • Trustable Technology Mark: Pre-Launch Notes

    We’re in the final stages of launching the Trustable Technology Mark, ThingsCon‘s trustmark for IoT. Today I wanted to share some updates on where we stand, some of the decisions that led us here, and what’s going to happen next. But first things first: Special thanks to the ThingsCon community for the priceless input, to […]


Our Partners

A wide range of partner organizations from academia, policy, and design practice contribute to the Trustmark and use it in their research and practice.

The Trustable Technology mark is a ThingsCon initiative. It is developed with support from the Mozilla Foundation in the form of a Mozilla Fellowship for project lead and ThingsCon co-founded Peter Bihr.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at: trustabletech@thingscon.org